What Is Car Detailing And What Does It Involve

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Published: 29th October 2012
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You may be wondering What is Car Detailing, and that answer to that has to do with cleaning a car. However, it does not merely mean washing and vacuuming out the car. This term means getting into every crack and crevice and really detailing the vehicle. in addition to that, the car is polished until it shines to perfection. The entire car is gone over and all debris dirt and grime is removed returning it to its showroom best.

Car Polishing is not just a matter of removing dirt and grime from the surface, but it also involves eliminating light scratches and any swirl makes that may be present. This is not to say that a new paint job is included, but it does mean that the car will be brought back to the best shape possible without having it entirely redone.

Before Car Polishing techniques can be performed, the car must first be washed and cleaned. The answer to What is Car Detailing can only come once these have been accomplished. The first step in this process is to apply a layer of foam to the vehicle and allow it to stand while it is soaking into the dirt and grime to help lift it off with ease. Sometimes a soft bristled brush used for detailing is used to get into crevices that might otherwise be missed.

Once this has been accomplished, the car is rinsed and the wheels, wheel wells and arches are cleaned thoroughly because these usually carry the most grime. Next the entire surface of the car body is cleaned using soft micro fiber towels or mitts which prevents damage that can occur when other fabrics are used. Once all dirt has been removed special solutions are used to lubricate and remove anything that is bonded to the surface that should not be there.

At this point Car Polishing really takes shape and can be used to remove marks that do not belong on the paint finish like oxidation, light scratches and hazing. A seal is then applied to protect the paint. There are several steps to the polishing process, but once it is completed you then get the results you asked for about What car detailing and how it can greatly vary from one job to another. Some examples are listed below

General Car Detailing.

General car detailing is basically what is listed above and is based primarily as a general clean of the entire car. This involves cleaning of the car interior polishing the exterior of your car, chaining the engine bay of your car and so on. It is basically a balanced treatment of the entire vehicle.

Specialized Car Detailing Treatments

Paint Correction

Paint correction merely focuses on the external paint surfaces of a car and really involves serious experience levels for the purposes of removing damage from the vehicle paint surfaces using specialized techniques such as polishing or cutting pads and different combinations of cutting compounds and polishes all the way through to waxing paint surfaces as your paint protection.

This is a procedure that involves removing swirl marks paint etching, industrial fall out, bird dropping etchings, water acid rain and the list goes on. This is not treatments that an everyday individual would be familiar with or even have the common knowledge on how to remove paint defects such as this.

This is generally regarded as professional level detailing treatments and one should generally leave these sort of treatments to real car detailing professionals who are more than familiar on how to remove paint defects such as these.

Car Waxing

Waxing is basically the last step in completing a well treated paint correction process. This really is the professional way to car detailing external surfaces. Waxing is basically the paint correction process. It is the completion process after professionally treating paint. Wax or sealing paint really is a necessity after treating paint with paint correction and is definitely a must have application. If you want professional detailing results, then you need to treat the matter on a professional level.

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